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Truth is hidden behind misconceptions

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Subject: Starting off

The concepts presented in the Zohar can be very overwhelming at first. That is why this list is established. We are attempting to remove the "overwhelming" and present the "concepts" in a more easy to get form for those coming from Christian circles.

Zohar assumes an intimate knowledge of the Torah (first five books of the Bible) and a fairly comprehensive knowledge of the rest of the Tanakh (Hebrew Scriptures). On the other hand, Brit Chadisha also assumes an intimate knowledge of the Torah and the rest of the Tanakh. The mistake Christians make is assuming there is no value in studying the Tanakh because "Yeshua fulfill it all". However Yeshua himself said, "until heaven and earth pass not one yod (representing HaShem) or tittel (crowns on the Hebrew letters representing the FIRE of HASHEM) will pass from the Torah until ALL be fulfilled." (Matt 5:17) As long as we are still waiting on Yeshua's
return, all has not been fulfilled because we still "hope". (Romans 8:24)

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Subject: Truth is hidden behind Misconceptions

How does one speak "truth" and convey its meaning?

Truths are hidden behind misconceptions. That is the only way a truth can be concealed. It is written, "YHWH dwells in thick darkness". How can this be when the BC (Brit Chadisha, NT) says, "In him is light and no shadow of turning". The answer can be seen in this story;

A soldier went to war. His purpose was to confront the enemy. His sergeant told him, "Hide yourself here behind these bushes and wear this outfit so the enemy cannot see you." The soldier responded, "Sir, why would I do that since I am not afraid of my enemy?" The sergeant responded, "In fighting a war one needs all the advantage he can get to defeat his enemy. The camouflage gives us the element of surprise. To insure that we truly defeat our enemy we must use every tactic available to us."

To understand why HaShem dwells in thick darkness we must understand His purpose.

  • Why would HaShem dwell in thick darkness?

  • Why would Yeshua reveal the "secrets" of the "kingdom of heaven" through parables and dark sayings?

Because the word of G-d is not for the world. It was intended for the children of light. "It is appointed for you to understand the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven."

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Subject: The age of Kabalistic writings

We find the concepts of the Zohar in the ancient writings of the Qumran society who lived in the first century.

The Talmud reports the following:

"Four rabbis ascended into the Orchard, Ben Azzai, Ben Zoma, Acher, and Rabbi Akiva... Ben Azzai gazed and died, Ben Zoma gazed and became demented; Acher became apostate; Rabbi Akiva departed in peace." Talmud, Chicagah 14b

Rabbi Akiva lived in 75-150C.E. He learned these concepts from others. Traditionally, the concepts were passed down orally generation to generation till they were written down in the 1700s. The earliest known document on Jewish mysticism was "The Song of Sabbath Sacrifices". It was recovered from Masada (From: Kabbalah by Kenneth Hansen). The Romans conquered Masada in the first century.

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