About Zion Congregation

of Austin, Texas

Zion Congregation is About Education

Before we can more clearly communicate what Zion is, we need to clarify what Zion is not.

Zion is not about Judging other organizations or persons - The Bible was not given to us so we can judge others. It was given as a guide to knowing YHWH, the most High God of your faith. There is only one God however HE is so complex that humans have trouble coming up with descriptions of HIS nature. He is "Eyn Sof" or "unknowable." Whatever your theology or religious point of view, there is ONLY ONE GOD. It is not our place to tell you what is wrong with your religion. We do want to help you know HIM better.

Zion is not about exclusiveness. - We wish to incorporate the knowledge that YHWH has given us into the knowledge base of your faith regardless the point of view. We do this without criticizing others. By placing truth before a sincere student of the Word of YHWH the student will recognize the truth and the truth will set you free.

Zion is not ethnically biased. - We pay no attention to ethnicity or cultural heritage. Each ethnic group has its own merit and value. With YHWH there are no illicit people except those, who by their own volition, reject HIM and HIS word. It is not our business to judge this. Our exclusive role is to put the truth out there. We have no other hidden agenda

Zion is about spreading knowledge of YHWH to all peoples. - There are elements of truth in every religion or it could not stand the test of time. We are not interested in tearing down the truths of your faith. We are however interested in bringing clarity and deeper understanding of the God of your faith and HIS Word.

Who can attend Zion Congregation? - Everyone who is hungry for truth and willing to share in an attitude of peace and cooperation is welcome in Zion. As Yishiahoo (Isaiah) and Yeshua (Jesus) said, "...my house shall be called a house of prayer for all peoples."

We teach the "Foundations of Faith" through original language studies and exploring the origins of faith and heritage.


Isa 56:7b ...My house shall be called a house of prayer for all nations." NKJV

YHWH wants to have a deep and intimate relationship with all of the peoples of earth. HE has called Zion to be a bridge (of understanding) between Judaism and her daughters, regardless of the human designators that man has placed on the people groupings. The foundation of that bridge is the Holy Writings known as "The Holy Bible" with a focus on the foundations of faith as presented therein. It is impossible to share the full knowledge and impact of the Holy Writings in a short document like this one, however the key points can be lightly touched upon.

The Holy Bible

The Bible is a series of compiled writings from known and reliable sources that describes for us the rules and guidelines of the kingdom (government) of YHWH. The Holy Bible is therefore similar to the constitution of any government. It is the core of all law and authority and the central focal point for the nation. The Bible fills that role for the various communities of faith without regard to the name of the denomination.

The primary divisions of biblical writings are:

  • TaNaKh - Hebrew Scriptures (Old Testament) or the original books authored in Hebrew.
    • Torah - Writings of Moses including and limited to
      • Genesis - B'reysheet - In the Beginning
      • Exodus - Sh'mot - Names
      • Leviticus - Vayikra - And HE Called
      • Numbers - B'midbar - In the Wilderness
      • Deuteronomy - Devarim - Matters, Words or Things - review
    • Neviyim - Prophets, both the major and minor prophets.
    • Kotavim - Writings or the rest of the historical and poetic documents.
  • B"C - Brit Chadishah - New Covenant Writings (see Jeremiah 31.31)
    • Gospels - Life and times of Yeshua the Messiah.
    • Acts of the Emissaries (Apostles)
    • Letters of the Emissaries
    • Prophecy - includes only Revelation

There are two primary characteristics of the nature of YHWH.

  1. YHWH loves mankind.
  2. HE wants to bless us.

The entire Bible focuses on these two foundation characteristics.

How we Accomplish our Goals

We at Zion are about increasing knowledge of the unknowable God of the Bible. We do this through a series of paradigm shifting studies. We have an online Bible School (Yeshiva) which sole purpose is to educate all who wish to learn about the awesome love of YHWH. We do not charge to register or study. There are over 200 hours of lectures and study notes online. Seeing enlightenment come to those who seek is our reward. We do accept donations from those who wish to see this work continue. You can make donations at the following URL address.